Clever Hacks For Small Apartments

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Having a place to call your own is great but space is at a premium, especially if you live in a city or in a popular area.  You might find yourself in a great location, but with not much square footage.

With a few clever ideas and good use of space, there’s no reason why you can’t turn that cramped space into a fantastic place to call your own.

Clear out the clutter

Being surrounded by piles of your belonging that you don’t have any room for can make you feel uncomfortable and anxious.  You’ll find it difficult to find anything you need and cleaning will be a nightmare.

You’re going to need to be ruthless. Bring our your inner Mari Kondo and throw away, donate, or sell everything you don’t need anymore. Get rid of old paperwork (most bills can be found online now anyway), which is a prime candidate for cluttering up an apartment.  No, you don’t need payslips from 2008.  

Once you see what you’ve got to work with, you’ll be able to start planning your storage needs. 

Be clever with furniture 

Look for furniture that is multipurpose or has additional storage in it.  For example, you can now buy beds that lift up to allow you to store blankets and linens underneath.  Instead of using console tables, use small chests of drawers instead.  

Try and keep as much of the floor space as clear as possible.  Get smart with gadgets. Bookshelf speakers like the kanto tuk ones can fit on a shelf or other shallow surface but still give you great sound for your music.  

Try and keep everything in proportion while not making the space feel uncomfortable full.  For example, a narrower, higher set of drawers may be better than a wide chest but still, give the same amount of storage space.  

If you know where to look there are fantastic ranges of furniture designed for smaller spaces.  Dining tables that extend when you need the room or desks that fold into a decorative frame on the wall, perfect for putting away the workday when you’re finished. 

Don’t be afraid of color

It might be tempting to paint everything white in order to make the space seem as big as possible. And while dark colors will make space look smaller, you don’t have to stick with the monochrome look.  Use color in your fabrics, furnishings, rugs, and artwork.  

Use your wall space 

Walls are your secret weapon for creating a more spacious feel.  A large mirror can make a room feel a lot bigger by giving the impression that it continues beyond the wall.  

Wall-mounted shelves can provide that much-needed storage space for books or decorative items and a wall-mounted TV can get rid of the need for a bulky TV stand.  

Don’t feel the need to fill every inch of space, as with all of these tips, the idea is to strike the perfect balance between storage, space, and personality.