The Riviera Man: Moving With Purpose And Style

What kind of man do you see, sipping cognac on his private yacht? You see the classic colors of spring and summer. Tan, beige, white, cream, and orange. He’s classy, he’s so sure of himself and you wish you had his confidence. The way he dresses is timeless. You can’t quite put your finger on why but you know, the items he’s wearing were cool 10 years ago and they’ll still be popular a decade from now. The clothes he wears are a mark of his style. Suave, cool, clean, and clear cut. He’s not too highly strung, he can move around freely without pinching the lines of his trousers or shirt. He’s that style riviera man. Don’t you want to see if you could pull off that look?

The classic casual 

There’s something alluring about a pure white dress shirt. When it fits your arms, hugs your chest and streamlines down the sides, it just feels right. But no one wants to look good if you don’t feel good. That’s why a short-sleeve button-down shirt is better for hotter weather. It also affords more of a relaxed approach to the collar and button style. The short-sleeve shirt has to be snug, so look for the slim fit style. You can wear offset buttons such as black or brown. Remember, it’s a casual shirt that is still from a classic line of men’s shirts. The shirt should have a button-down collar so you can wear it with the top button done up or left loose. This is so the collar can retain its shape, even if you’re exposing your chest a little.

A splash of tan

Women will match their shoes with their earrings or handbag. Men, on the other hand, want to match their shoes with their watch. This is the opportune moment to splash a bit of tan around your outfit. The Dylan and Jameson watch models from tourbillion watches have incredible tan leather straps. The metal face is polished to a golden hue while the face is an open mechanical style. You can actually see the moving parts doing their thing underneath the glass. It’s a subtle way to draw attention to your style. It’s classy but it’s also a mark of the more refined man, someone who likes to watch the beauty of precision. There’s no other choice for footwear than tan loafers. Come one, penny loafers, or suede hazel buckled loafers are the only way to go. Easy to slip-on, yet their flat sleek design remains purposeful.

Go beyond khaki

It’s so easy to recommend wearing khakis with this outfit, but let’s be more adventurous in 2020! Go beyond khakis, such as grey chinos that again, fit snug around the waist and eventually open the line further towards the feet? Grey is a great color for spring as it’s not too out of character as they would be in summer. You could also go with silver if you want to keep the outfit lighter.

Be the riviera man. Wear an outfit that is timeless, compliments your body shape but allows you to hop off the deck without straining your style.