Six Things No One Tells You About Being A PT

If you are interested in the health and fitness industry, you’ve probably come across the fact that personal training has been previously rated as one of the forms of employment that offer the most satisfaction. Why? Well, it’s said to be emotionally rewarding, and with flexible hours, it’s a well-paid position that gives you the chance to run your own business. Add to that the fact that the earning potential has no ceiling, and you have a position where you meet a constant flow of new people, and you face a challenge with each and every one.

Personal training is not, however, straightforward. Sure, nothing beats the feeling of helping someone else to come out of their shell, reach their fitness goals, and gain more confidence, but that doesn’t make the role an easy one. You can take a client who lacks confidence and is terrified about their health and turn them into a confident, healthy, and happy individual. Personal trainers aren’t helping people lose weight and tone up, but they’re helping them to be better versions of themselves. That’s an awful lot of pressure on a person!

There are certain things that people don’t tell you about being a personal trainer, though. For all the positives that are involved in the industry, there are certain things that you should know before you start weighing up My PT Hub Vs PT Distinction. The things you don’t know about personal training will change quickly, but here are some things that people won’t tell you!

Woman Doing Exercise
Image Source: Pexels

You Won’t Be As Healthy As You Think

Sure, you’re fit right now, but when you’re the person standing around and helping other people get fit, you’re going to lose a little bit of that stamina you’ve maintained. You’re not as active on the floor, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the gym facilities to your heart’s content. This way, you can maintain your own fitness levels while you stand mat-side and watch your clients workout. If you’re working in a gym, you may well be doing eight-hour shifts, too, which means you can move as much as you like in that time!

Coffee Becomes Life

Personal trainers often work unsavory hours. People fit in their personal training around their work, which means that they like to be on the gym floor from 5-6am, and they want to train after work, too. This means you’re going to be up with the birds and down with the owls! Coffee is your friend in these moments and can get your day going really quickly. You’ll find it easy to keep up with the coffee, but try to drink more water than coffee so that your body doesn’t dehydrate.

It’s Not Actually About The Money

While the chance to earn money off your own back is an attractive prospect, you may find that after a while, you don’t think about the money. It’s easy to chase the cash as it comes in, but the result is that you become a glorified salesman who is only interested in the pennies and not the people. Avoid this entirely by realizing that your success is because of the results you get, not the money you earn. It does make a big difference.

You’ll Feel Bombarded

Every single person you know in your life is going to ask you for advice on their training and food – and they won’t want to pay you for it. After all, you’re their friend, and you should give advice for free, right? Wrong. You are a professional, and you can make it politely clear that if people want information, they can hire you and pay you for it. Social situations will never be the same for you if you’re not clear about your boundaries as a professional, but this is on you to get right. People will ask questions, and while you may choose to answer some, if you’re not comfortable with giving your expertise away for free, tell people!

People Won’t Invite You For Meals

One of the weirdest things about being a personal trainer is that people will think that you are judging them for their caloric intake. They’ll be nervous to eat a doughnut in your presence, and it’s up to you to ensure that you don’t judge others. Of course, most wouldn’t and would indulge in doughnuts, too! It’s part of the job, so just be aware of it!

There’s Romance Ahead!

For some trainers, they may find someone to fall in love with or even just be friends with. Some of your clients could change your life – just as you are changing theirs!