Four Steps to Healthier Living

There is more and more research coming out that shows us that the key to living a good, long, and healthy life, is down to ‘lifestyle medicine,’ which is all about making changes that will last. Whether that is down to changes in diet, stress, exercise, and other mental and physical elements of your health. When we are really able to embrace change, but make those changes for life, then that is when it will really start to pay off, in terms of our health. And don’t we need our health right now, more than ever? Here are some things to think about.


Eat your veggies

Although the five servings of fruit and vegetables a day is a good place to be, it is even better if you can have five servings a day of just veggies, with fruit as extra. Whether they are eaten raw, roasted, or steamed, it is all good. When you have a diet that is full of veggies, there are several associated cancer risks that can be decreased. Your body will be full of goodness, and powerful phytonutrients that come from the most colourful veggies, like broccoli, carrots, and spinach. 

Consider supplements

Although having all that you need through the food that you eat is ideal, there are occasions, and at certain times in life and throughout the year where you can’t get everything from food. Which is where supplements do have a place, though what you need will depend on you. If you’ve vegan, for instance, a vegan omega-3 supplement is important, as you won’t get that from your food. If you workout a lot, then there are supplements from Muscle Rage that could help you. So think about your lifestyle and what you’d need to make a difference.


Sleep is vital for good health. We all know how rough we feel when we haven’t slept well, which is why regular good sleep is a must. Bad sleep can impact your mood, but also your physical health and even your weight. If you have trouble sleeping, then you could try something like meditation or yoga. You could also have a drink like chamomile tea before bed. The room should be a good temperature, with no screens, and somewhere to write down stressful thoughts. See what works for you, because they could all make a difference.

Regular Exercise

When you exercise regularly, then you will reduce many of the markers of aging. You can improve your eyesight, steady your blood pressure, improve muscle strength, lower cholesterol, and improve your bone density. So in order to live well and to live for a long time, exercise is a must. Choose something that works for you, because if you enjoy it, you are much more likely to carry on doing it and not want to put it off. Whether what you choose is dancing, aerobics, weight training, hiking, or jogging; it all makes a difference to your health and wellbeing, as well as your mental health.