Cutting The Chaff From Your Grooming Routine

Grooming can take a very long time in the morning, and the more hair you have to take care of, the longer you’re going to be in the bathroom holding everyone else up! But the thing is, your grooming routine doesn’t have to be that way; it doesn’t have to take you an hour to look put together and stylish enough to face the world, especially when the summer rolls around and you feel like you’re going to melt if that beard stays on any longer! 

You can very well cut out some of the chaff (and unnecessary parts) of your grooming routine, to save you some time and energy as soon as you wake up. Let’s go through some of the key ways to do so with the tips below. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Shower the Night Before

If you’re someone who tends to shower in the morning, why not think about showering at night instead? It’s refreshing just before bedtime, and it ensures you don’t have to spend 10 to 15 minutes getting washed and dried before you do anything else. That could free up time for a proper breakfast before hitting the gym or heading to work. 

Choose a Versatile Face Cream

If you want to speed things up by a good five minutes at least, you could very well invest in a facial cream that both cleanses and moisturizes at the same time. Right now you could be using 3 or 4 different products as part of a skincare routine, but you could get that down to just 2 at the very least, if not 1. 

You might still need to use a serum to complete the routine and seal in all those healthy, hydrating moisturizing molecules, but you definitely don’t need to be scrubbing with a pore cleanser for ages beforehand. Double up here, and go for a 2 in 1 option. 

Permanently Remove the Need to Shave

And finally, there’s always a chance that you could cut out the shaving and combing altogether, especially around your back and chest area. Hair removal options are more widespread than ever for men, and right now (just before the summer fully hits!) could be a great time to get to know them. If you feel like you’ve got a forest growing over your body, and all the way up to your neck, let’s remove the possibility of it overheating, chafing, and ultimately annoying you for a good few months to come. 

Thankfully, there’s a men’s guide to laser hair removal right here that could get you started; reading up on the safest and most long term ways of getting rid of those unsightly or overbearing hairs will ensure you’re not putting your body at risk, while still both looking and feeling good. 

Your grooming routine doesn’t have to feel like it lasts forever. Make sure you take tips and tricks like these into account, especially if you’re tired of having to pack everything on in the morning!