Where to Find Blind Dates: 3 Sources

There are over 6 million people in Maryland. Finding “the one” is not going to be an easy task. And even if you are to narrow down your search to Baltimore, you still have 600,000 people to contend with. It would be impossible for you to date thousands of people. But if you were to involve other people in your search for a partner, then you can be in an excellent position to find a blind date that ends up being that person that you want in your life. Here are the people who can help you find someone:

1. Your colleagues

If you are still searching for the right person, you have looked around in your workplace and found no one that interests you. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. You probably have a few friends in your workplace – people you get along with and have a good relationship with. Now is the time to take advantage of those relationships and recruit your colleagues to help you find a blind date.

Ask around. Tell your colleagues that you are open to recommendations. Inquire if they know someone who is also looking for a partner. Since you spend so much time in the workplace, your colleagues see the kind of person that you are. That information would be tremendously helpful for them in helping them decide if the single person that they know is suited to your temperament.

2. Your local club/association members/religious organization

You might attend a church, local club, or be a member of an association of some kind because you share similar interests/beliefs with other members. It doesn’t matter whether those interests/beliefs have something to do with sports, business, religion, etc. What matters is that the people you interact with within the organization, club, or association you are a member of, also share them.

That shared interest can go a long way in helping you form a good relationship with a partner in the future. So the next time you go to those places, take the time to look around and see whether there is someone that interests you. Perhaps there is, but because you have been giving off signs that you are uninterested in anything but your regular activities, nobody has gotten the courage to ask you out. Or maybe they did, and you failed to pick up the signs of interest.

You can also interact with other members, and if you get along with them, you can make it clear that you are interested and are open to blind dates. While the members of the clubs and associations you are part of might not interest you, they might have someone else in mind. It never hurts to ask.

3. Private matchmaking services

You can also opt for private matchmaking services. The beauty of this option is that it involves professional matchmakers who will search for the right fit on your behalf. And then, when they find someone compatible with you, they will schedule a date. This takes out most of the work in searching.

The right partner for you can be closer to you than you think despite the high population. But to find that person, you need to ask other people in your social circle to help you out. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. The temporary embarrassment you feel is worth the relationship you end up forming with someone who suits you in every way.