Can Anyone Become A Good Singer?

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Can anyone become a good singer or is this something you need to be born with? A lot of people simply assume that the latter applies; however, there have been studies to prove otherwise. Thus, no matter your current level, you shouldn’t be put off from taking singing lessons online.

How many times have you sat there wondering why you can’t sing as well as Michael Bublé or Beyoncé? We put it down to them simply being the lucky ones. But, could it be the case that practice has made perfect in their case? Experts have revealed that the ability to sing well is something that we all have, and that all people can be trained to a reasonably high level. The Medical Daily’s Dana Dovey concluded that there are fewer barriers in the way than people imagine when it comes to acquiring a great singing voice. This is backed up by a study conducted by the University of Montreal several years ago. It revealed that 35 per cent of people found it tough to get to grips with pitch while there were a few other musical deficiencies. However, these were nowhere near to the scope that has been imagined. New York Vocal Coaching’s Justin Stoney states that just about anyone can sing well, it all comes down to applying a good technique. The environment a person has been brought up in is also significant. If a child has been exposed to music or played instruments, they will be more likely to sing well.  

Reasons To Consider Online Singing Lessons

Online singing lessons have become highly popular over the past few years. Thanks to the rise of the Internet it is no longer a necessity to pay for expensive one-on-one private singing lessons or to travel a long distance to attend a singing lesson with others. Instead, you can take online music lessons, and there are many benefits to gain by doing so.

First and foremost, you can learn from the comfort of your own home, in private. If you are shy and don’t want to sing in front of others just yet, online learning is ideal. Often, new singers don’t want to attend classes full of other people when they are unsure about how good their voice is. With singing lessons online you don’t have to. It’s also a lot more cost-effective too, which means you will have money available to spend on other equipment needed to make music. Check out this Scarlett 2i2 review for more help in that department.

Another benefit is that you have the freedom to learn as and when you want to. If you are struggling with a specific part of singing, you can spend as much time on it as you want to. You can also take breaks whenever you need to. This is vital because in the beginning, your voice won’t be strong, and if you push it too far you could end up causing damage. This is more difficult to manage if you have lessons at a set time every week. In addition to this, you have an abundance of resources to make the most of, from top tip articles to video demonstrations. This allows you to learn in a way that is most suited to you.

Taking Care Of Your Voice

Singing lessons are popular with beginners and experienced singers alike. No matter what category you fall into, it is important to protect your voice. As you are going to be placing stress on your voice on a frequent basis while taking singing lessons online, you need to be very carefully, as you could damage your vocal cords, which could cause permanent hoarseness.

There are some general tips you should follow to protect your voice, so let’s start with these. Firstly, do not spend too long in dry, cold air, and avoid sitting hunched over, as this can put a strain on your neck muscles, which are crucial for voice production. Also, avoid smoking and don’t overdo spicy foods, as you could suffer laryngeal irritation. 

You should also have quiet periods throughout the day, especially if your job involves speaking a lot. What is crucial to recognize is that stress can manifest itself in two ways. The first form of stress is when you purposely put your voice under stress, for example, when you are singing. However, the second type of stress is an emotional response to a situation. For example, if you shout, you place stress on your vocal chords, which can cause damage. You need to try to avoid this as much as possible, as your singing lessons are already causing stress. Over tips for a healthy voice include drinking a lot of water, keep your neck muscles and throat as relaxed as possible, even when singing low or high notes, and avoid clearing your throat regularly, as this is like slamming your vocal cords together.