Making Music: Getting Your Music Online

It’s not easy to get your music recognized, but modern technology makes it much easier to put it out in the world. You don’t have to spend all of your time sending demo tapes to record labels or hoping that someone will spot you while you’re playing in a bar or club, or on a street corner. With the internet and the affordability of recording equipment, you can make your music yourself and put it online for people to listen to and buy. If you’re thinking about putting your music online to promote yourself and perhaps make some money, here are some of the steps you should take.

Find the Tools You Need

To put your music online, you need to be able to record it. Before you can do that, you have to find the materials that you require to make the recordings, as well as edit them. You will need at least some basic recording equipment, which means a microphone or even more than one. You will also need software to help you record, such as the GarageBand software that is available for Apple computers and devices. Some people might decide to hire a professional recording space to record their music.

Image from Pexels – Pexels License

Record Your Music

Once you have what you need to record your music, it’s time to get to it. As well as your own skills, you might want to make sure you have additional materials. There are instrumentals for rappers, samples and backing tracks available to help you enhance your music. If you’ve never recorded your music before, it could take some practice to get it right. There is the option of getting professional help if you need it. However, you can also find assistance by talking to other musicians who have recorded their own music. They can offer useful advice and techniques for you to use.

Consider Different Platforms for Your Music

When your music is recorded, edited and ready to put out there, you should think about where you want to make it available. There are various platforms where you can upload your music and make it available in different ways. You can give it away for free or you could decide to sell it. Some platforms allow people to pay what they want, so they can choose to download or stream it for free or they can make a payment or donation. You could even use a system like Patreon, which allows people to pay a monthly subscription to access the content that you put out.

Promote Yourself

Once you have your music on your chosen platform, you will want to promote it to give it exposure. The more you promote your music, the more people you can get to listen to it, download it and buy it. Social media is a great way to promote yourself online, especially as you don’t have to spend any money. Other methods of promoting yourself are available too, both online and offline.

You might not become a household name, but you can still promote your music online. You can even record your music inexpensively too.