Simple Ways to Calm An Anxious Mind

Anxiety is never the most pleasant of feelings, it can be really awful and unsettling at times. But it’s all part of the human experience, and something that we all have to deal with now and again. Maybe you have an exam or a big presentation coming up that you’re anticipating, you might be having some financial or family issues. Whatever it is, here are a few ways you can calm your mind to stop the worry spiralling, and feel capable of getting out there and tackling whatever life throws at you. 

Distract yourself

When you have worry going round and round in your mind it’s easy to get tunnel vision towards it. It can consume your thoughts and make everything feel so much worse. Sometimes the simple act of getting up and doing something to distract yourself can work wonders- watch a feel good movie or tv show, listen to some upbeat music and clean the house. Music streaming sites like Spotify give you access to just about any song these days, there are also torrents you can download- check out for more information. You could do some gardening, play a video game or go and do some shopping- anything that takes your focus away from what you’re worrying about. Worrying isn’t productive, we rarely have anything to gain from going over and over things in our minds, it just steals our joy. So finding ways to distract yourself can stop worry in its tracks. 

Do some exercise

It’s true, exercise really does boost your mood. It might not be what you feel like doing when you’re stressed, but force yourself to change into your workout clothes and get some activity in and you’ll be so glad you did. Go for a walk or run, hit the gym or play a sport. It gets the endorphins pumping and creates a feeling of wellbeing

Write it all down

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help to bring everything to the surface so you can understand it better. Start a blog (set it to private if you don’t want anyone else reading it) or write in a journal. Getting your thoughts out there can be really cathartic. Speak to a friend as an alternative, the benefit of this is they can give you their perspective on things and help you to see things in a different way. 


Finally, meditation helps to calm the mind. It encourages you to be in the present moment, without stressing about the past or worrying about the future. Listen to a Youtube video if you’re new to meditation and they’ll walk you through some mental exercises.