Cups That Make Your Life More Rad

The internet is a fun place. Never before has there been a place that so readily catered to weird ideas and so readily facilitated making them real.

Want a mermaid pillow that reveals Nicolas Cage’s face? Want a matching shirt with that same wild-eyed celebrity mug? Want a mug that goes with your line of Nicolas Cage lifestyler items? The internet has you covered.

Pexels-CC0 Licence

As a culture, our appreciation of licensed or novelty content has never been more prominent. We like what we like and we want to put what we like onto what we like.

And there are few places where this is more diverse or peculiar than cups. We have cups for everything in our society. Beers have signature cups, people have favorite coffee cups and we even have heavily branded names for large beverages sold in convenience stores across the country.

Here are a few of the fun cups on offer:

Viking Horns

With so many distinctive glasses for drinking beer, it can be easy to forget that the best possible way to drink a beer was invented long before the internet.

That was perfected by the Vikings — or later by people who thought about what the Vikings might drink from. Either could be true, but the answer to that question isn’t what I am writing about so I’ll let you Google it yourself as a bonus feature.

Either way, what we perceive to be a Viking cup: A mighty horn, hollowed for the containment of spirits and meant to be held aloft in victory and never placed easily upon a table.

There are a lot of places you can find your horn of plenty-o-beer, but these are the best Viking horns for the money.

Fun mugs

Possibly the only type of cup people have more opinions about than ones used for beer are the ones used for coffee.

Everyone either knows that person or is currently that person who has a favorite coffee cup and hides it by placing it under the cloak of invisibility that is the back of the cupboard. And may God help the person who ignores the preference you’ve left unspoken or once casually mentioned playfully “I love this mug,” which was truly intended to be a warning to those around you to keep their meaty paws off of it.

So yeah, there’s plenty of cool mugs to be territorial about.

Again, you can sip coffee from Nicolas Cage’s face if you want to, or buy a giant mug or even have one that reveals a little model affixed to the bottom of the mug that is revealed only by drinking. Sometimes it’s something cute like a dolphin. Other times, well, there are a lot of options.

Whatever you like, however you like it, you can find it, you can buy and you can drink from it.

And when you get bored of it, there is probably a Lego version as well. One day, there will probably be a lego version of it with Nicolas Cage’s face as well. The world is not ready yet, but someday sooner than any of us likely expect, it’ll be something we have to deal with together.