4 Signs You’re Working Out Too Much

“You’re not drinking enough water.”

“You’re not working out enough.”

“You’re not in a calorie deficit.”

Have you heard any of these phrases? If so, there’s a chance that there is someone in your life making a significant effort to weigh in on your health. There is every chance you’re taking significant steps to do better for your healthy lifestyle, but when you’re having phrases like that fired at you when you aren’t losing weight quickly, it won’t help. So, you end up eating more greens, drinking more water, and working out even harder.

Insert DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness has occurred. And you – being the person you are – decided to ignore it. Instead of listening to your body and stretching and warming your muscles, you chose to train through the pain to prove your doubters wrong. That was the wrong thing to do! You have now pulled some major ligaments, and you require a physio double bay to get those muscles worked back to their best. The problem with pushing your body too hard is that you end up in pain, but you didn’t pay attention to when your body was screaming for help. With that in mind, let’s help you to avoid doing that again. Here are four signs you’re working out too much, and you need to slow down!

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You’re Exhausted

Well, duh. Someone told you to work out hard to lose weight. Actually, you need to burn to create enough of a calorie deficit to lose weight. If you’re overexerting yourself, you’re going to feel overly exhausted. You’re going to wish you couldn’t walk because of the pain. You need to recover between workouts, and for that, you need not to be working out every single day.

Your Heart Rate Is Up

You hear it everywhere that to be healthier; you need to get that heart rate up. The problem is that when you work out, you’re increasing the heart rate already and thus putting more strain on your heart muscle. When your heart rate is up, you burn calories. However, when your heart rate is still elevated at rest, this is a sign you’re excessively training. You need rest for your hearts’ sake!

You’re Getting Sick

Did you know that a big sign of overtraining is a low immune system? You’re putting your body under stress, and when you do this, you’re putting a lot of strain on your body and lowering your immune system. This then lets in the nasty bugs!

You’re Grumpy

Well, if we were working out daily and pushing past the point of comfort, we’d be grumpy, too. Stop overworking those muscles and give your body a break. You’re not a robot, you’re a person, and you need rest, relaxation, and balance if you want to successfully workout and get fit without damaging your body.

Workout every other day, not every day. Stretch before and after you work your body and if you feel sick, give your body a rest!