Six Steps To Starting A Band

We live in a world where everyone chases their aspirations – and for a good reason. When you have influences like Bowie and Freddie Mercury in the music world – alive or not – there is plenty of reason to chase your dreams and become a singer. The thing is, it’s essential to pursue your aspirations while being unique to you, and it’s for that reason that so many set out to start their own bands.

Starting out on your own may feel impossible given the music industry currently. There is so much competition out there, and with the abundance of talent shows and singing contests broadcast on regular television, it is even harder to get noticed these days. Here’s the thing: you are unique, and you’re making your own sound. Try and get signed, but start your band as a way to express yourself. We’ve got six steps that you can follow to start your own band successfully.

Singer Singing on Stage Beside Guitar Player and Bass Player

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Grab Your Group

Do you already have a group of musically-minded pals? It’s time to gather your people and make up the elements of your band. Make sure that they have both the talent and confidence to work together and make something beautiful.

Find Your Name

Some band names come quickly to people starting out, but if you don’t, websites such as are the perfect solution. Take time to choose the name that works best for your group and away you go!

Practice Makes Perfect

As much as you can get together, do it. Garage bands always start in a garage, and always have the potential to go places, but it can’t be done without practice. Write songs together, get your sound in one place and jam out. Just practice!


Whoever your aspirations are, you need to refine your sound. Draw inspiration from the bands you love the most and develop a sound that is unique to you. You will benefit from knowing that you have a sound that is yours alone and you’ll enjoy being able to share it as something new.


You are living in a time where you can record your own music and publish for free on social media. Get a YouTube presence going and start recording your sound on all of the available digital technology that is in front of you. Teach yourselves how to mix your music and learn which mics you should use, then start to publish it online.

Get Yourself Noticed

The landscape online is changing, with organic posts only being shown to a small portion of fans. So, you need to start gathering followers and putting together email lists and social media followings. You can’t do it alone, so the more you are online and sharing your sound, the better seen you will be, and the potential to be noticed is higher.

Starting a band won’t be easy. All you have to do is ensure that you are enjoying it – otherwise, there is no point in being noticed!