How Not To Screw Up Your Chances Of Romance On The First Date


Perhaps you’ve been chatting to him online for a while. And you might have spoken on the phone too. Despite not having met up in person yet, you think he might be the man for you; the Prince Charming of your dreams who seems to tick all the right boxes. So far, so good.

You both then decide on that all-important next step; the first date! This is your opportunity to see if sparks really will fly between you, but to give romance a chance, you have to make an excellent first impression. It’s nerve-wracking, we know!

To ensure you ace your first date, and not screw up any chances of future romance, here are some tips that we hope you find useful.

#1: Make an effort with your appearance

Turning up to your date looking as if you have just rolled out of bed (hair a mess, unshaven, wearing your sweat pants) is not the way to make an excellent first impression. Spend time on your appearance before meeting up because you want to look your best for him. Get a shave, spend time under the shower, and choose your clothes wisely by checking the dress code of the place you are visiting so you don’t turn up looking under or over-dressed. Wear a suit if you’re meeting somewhere posh and classy, and consider using the services of a bespoke tailor, so you don’t end up with something ill-fitting. And if you’re meeting in a bar or eating at a mid-range restaurant, go for the smart-casual look, perhaps with a shirt, blazer, and dark-colored trousers. Hopefully, you will then knock your partner off his feet (not literally) when you make your entrance.

#2: Make your date feel special

Hopefully, your date will have made a similar effort with his appearance, so make the effort to flatter and compliment him. When you’re seated together, don’t spend all the time talking about yourself, no matter how interesting you think you are. Get to know your date more by asking him questions, and genuinely listen to what he is saying, so you appear interested and attentive. And maintain eye contact with him, because he needs to feel as if he is the only guy in the room. The moment your attention wanders to another guy, no matter how good looking they are, is the moment that you possibly break trust with the person who could have been the man for you.

#3: Don’t rush things on your first date

The first date is supposed to be fun and relaxed (no matter how nervous you are), so don’t suddenly bring up the subjects of moving in together, marriage, and potential honeymoon destinations, as your date will probably then make his excuses and leave. Keep things light, as even if you both have an idea that you are the ideal match, you will have plenty of other dates in which to talk about more serious and life-changing matters.


First dates are notoriously difficult to get right, especially when you have an idea that the person you are meeting could be ‘the one.’ So, follow our suggestions, and if you have any other useful tips for our readers, give us all a chance of romance by sharing your ideas in the comment section below.