6 Men’s Style Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Costs

Men’s fashion has developed a lot over the last few decades. It’s safe to say that most of us dress a lot better than our family members from the past! We’ve all seen the old photos of our dads in their odd clothes from yesteryear, so it’s kind of a blessing to grow up in a world where men’s fashion is given more consideration.

Dressing well isn’t hard to do, but there are a few common style mistakes a lot of men are guilty of making. Naturally, if you want to be fashionable, then you’ve got to avoid making these same mistakes at all costs!

Keep that shirt tucked in! Image Source

Wearing untucked shirts

If you wear a shirt to work, or you’re going to a formal event, then you can’t make this common mistake. Too many men are guilty of untucking their shirts, which kind of makes you look like a child in school who doesn’t like playing by the rules. A tucked shirt looks fashionable and ties your outfit together. You look more formal, more stylish, and less like a slob!

Why do some people untuck their shirts? Usually, it’s a combination of poor fashion sense and discomfort. Some people find it uncomfortable to have a shirt tucked in as it makes them feel a bit restricted – but you’ll get used to it. Trust me when I say that your partner wouldn’t be seen dead next to a man with an untucked shirt, so tuck it in!

This is the ideal trouser length. Image Source

Trousers that are too long

I find this mistake is one that most of you will probably realize you’ve been making all your life. When it comes to wearing trousers, how long should they be? Most people will wear their trousers so part of the material goes over the top of their shoes and covers some of the laces. In reality, this is one of the biggest fashion mistakes a guy can make!

Instead, they need to come up a little bit short and be cut off just above your shoes. I’m not saying you should start wearing them halfway up your calves or just above your ankle, but ensure your trousers stop just before your shoes start. Ideally, they should hang perfectly straight with no loose material falling onto your laces. Now, if you’re looking in your wardrobe and realize all your trousers are too long, then don’t worry. You can shorten them yourself, and there’s a video below that helps you do this without ruining your trousers.

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Not looking after your shoes

A typical style mistake is allowing your shoes and sneakers to get in terrible shape. People notice what’s on your feet, so you need to ensure that your footwear complements the rest of your outfit. If they look crisp and in mint condition, then it brings the other elements of the outfit together, and you look great. If they’re worn and dirty, then it looks awful.

As such, ensure that you do all you can to keep your shoes in the best condition possible. Stuff them with tissue paper when they’re not being worn, so they keep their shape. Companies like Hype sell a range of shoe care products that can keep your footwear clean and protect them from things like dirt or water. Create your own maintenance routine to ensure that you look after your shoes and keep every pair as close to brand new as you can!

Don’t be like this guy. Image Source

White socks with dress shoes

Most of us have to wear shoes for one reason or another – mainly, it’s to go to work. If you ever wear shoes, then please ensure you don’t wear white socks with them. It looks appalling and makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

Things are made even worse if you follow the guidance earlier on and actually wear your trousers at the ideal length. Now, a small part of your socks will be on display, which makes white ones stand out even more. Go for dark colors instead, and try to match them with your trouser/suit color.

Avoid ridiculously skinny jeans if you want children. Image Source

Ridiculously skinny jeans

Now, I’m not one of those old fashioned guys who think that all jeans should be straight and baggy. I think there’s a place in this world for fitted and slim jeans, but you have to draw the line somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with wearing some skinny jeans as they show off all the legwork you’ve been putting in during those gym sessions. But, when you’re wearing extreme skinny jeans, that’s when you’re going a little bit too far.

You shouldn’t wear jeans that look like they’re sprayed on because you end up looking terrible. These types of jeans were made more for women than men, mainly because they don’t have anything that can get absolutely crushed when they squeeze into some. If you dream of having children, then stay away from extreme skinny jeans. But, if you’re looking for a budget vasectomy and love the idea of walking stiff-legged everywhere you go, then by all means keep wearing them!

Not getting a properly fitted suit

Suits are the pinnacle of men’s fashion; nothing makes you feel good or look as good as a suit does. But, there’s one killer mistake we’re all guilty of making at some point; we don’t buy a properly fitted suit.

There are so many different aspects that go into finding a suit that fits you correctly. So, make sure you get all of your suit measurements done as it will help you find the perfect suit for you. There’ll be no more baggy shirts, no more suit jackets with sleeves that are too long, and everything will be tailored to you!

Are these the worst fashion mistakes a guy can make? Not really, they’re just extremely common. By all means, there are some hideous style errors you can make, but these are the ones you’re most likely to fall victim to. If you get the basics right, then you should be okay. Avoid making these mistakes, or stop making them if you’re already guilty of committing crimes against fashion!