4 Steps To Creating The Perfect Man Cave

Whether you are a bachelor or a taken man, a young buck or a silver fox, you need a space that you can call your own. The ideas are infinite, so don’t let the anxiety of designing a room from scratch get you down – we’ve got you covered. Here, we have compiled a list of must do’s and tips for creating the most magnificent man cave known to, well, man!

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Get Top Notch Insulating and Soundproofing

The spaces that most often are designated as man-caves tend to be rooms far away from the centre of the house – the attic, the shed, the basement, the garage etc. Because of this, it is important to make sure your space is adequately insulated, not only because you will end up literally chilling in an ice-cold room but because you want it to be a comfy space for you and your guy mates to hang in. Another necessary thing to have done to your space is soundproofing. We all know how heated poker nights and video games get a little noisy, particularly after a drink or three, and no one else in the house wants to hear it. It is surprisingly simple to soundproof on a tight budget – think about the carpet and textiles. Thick, wool carpets in warm tones will not only absorb the sounds you make pretty well but give the room a luxurious gentleman’s club vibe.

Choose your colors wisely

The color scheme of your man-cave is significant to the overall feel of the space, so choose carefully. It will all come down to what image you have in your head. If you are visualising a grown-ups playroom, with games machines, pool tables and dart boards (don’t forget to check out any pinball machines for sale – they are a must!), you might want bright and colorful. If you are thinking more elegant 60’s style gentleman’s club, go with deeper colors, such as navy blues and greys to give it an intimate and sophisticated feel. Don’t be afraid to go and big and bold, whatever you do. It is the one room you can really go to town on.

Do it your way

The most important thing to making sure this space of your own becomes a space that you really want to spend time in. You need to love everything in it. Don’t worry about whether things ‘go together’ or match; this needs to be 100% your space. If you are still pining after that fabulous couch that your other half put a stop to in the living room – put it in the man cave! That said, make sure you don’t overcrowd the space. You need plenty of space to jump around in after your team has scored or you’ve had a few beers.

Consider the finer details.

Your man cave is a great place to keep your musical instruments and posters of your favourite movies or bands. You may even want to consider installing a bar or a fridge, as well as the other man-cave essentials.

Your man cave will be your sanctuary; a place where you go to unwind during the week, or kick-off your evening on a Friday night. Make sure it is a space that you want to visit.