Quick Strategies To Get More Music In Your Life

Let’s face it music is ace! In fact, for some folks, it’s their whole life. Yet others often yearn to include more music in their days. Happily, this is a goal I can help with. In fact, all you need to do is read my post below to discover some fast strategies that will help you get more music into each and every day.

Listen to one new song a day

Things are not as they once were when it comes to embracing new music. We no longer head down to the record shop and spend our weekly allowance on the latest releases. In fact, we now have access to any and all music, new or old through subscription streaming services.

Now, I’m not for a moment saying that this isn’t a good thing because believe me it is. However, what it can cause is an issue with overwhelm, especially if you are keen to expand your horizons and listen to new artists or bands because there is just so much out there.  

To that end, selecting one new song a day is a fantastic work around. After all, it means you can expose yourself to something different, and take a risk, because if you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter, and you can just go on to something else the next day, or back to what you love! Try it, you may just like where it leads you!

Learn an instrument

Next, when looking to include more music in your life, you may have discounted learning to play an instrument yourself. After all, this traditionally takes years of dedication and practice, so isn’t really the fastest of options. Of course, this has been mostly true, up to this point, but is no longer the case, mainly because of the wealth of expert instrumental instruction available online.

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In fact, you can now learn to play instruments like the Piano in 21 Days, and with the right tuition, crank out a decent tune. Yes, if you want to become a virtuoso, it may take you a little longer, but learning the basics in less than a month is certainly a fast way to include more music in your life.

Play a music-based games

Another quick, and enjoyable method to get more music into your life is to play a game that is based around musical ideas, and skills.

Now, this may sound a little dry, but it actually isn’t because there are some amazing fun games like Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and even Drop Mix that not only give you the feeling of being a musical impresario but are also a great way to spend your time.

In fact, games like Drop Mix even have different settings that allow you to play competitively, or on your own in puzzle mode. You can even invest in all sorts of cards that span different genres including country, rock, and pop, so you are bound to find the music you enjoy. Something that makes it a fantastic way of spending a few minutes of your day in a musical way.