Think You’re Too Busy For Fitness? Think Again!


Do you think you’re too busy for fitness? Is your work or social calendar getting in the way?

Then you need to think again!

Not only should you re-adjust your list of  priorities – your health and wellbeing should always rank highly – but you might have more time than you think!

Stay fit while you’re at work. If work is getting in the way of a regular keep fit regime, then implement exercise into your working day. You might want to get up a little earlier for a start – a brisk walk around the block before breakfast will start your day nicely – and you might want to walk to work rather than take the car. Heck, you might even get off the bus or train (if that’s how you commute) one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Then engage in a little exercise during your break times, or try these fitness ideas at your desk. You don’t have the time to exercise? Sure you do!

Stay fit when you’re at home. We aren’t telling you to use all of your downtime to exercise, but there are ways you can fit in some workout time. Practice your yoga moves, skip with a jump rope, or do a few push-ups while you’re watching your favorite shows. You might also designate a room as a home gym, even if you only have one or two items at your disposal. You can then fit in a few minutes here and there instead of sitting in front of the box. So, you might want to purchase a  rowing machine which is excellent for a low and upper-body workout. Or you might want to buy something that will boost your muscles, such as a kettlebell. When you kettlebell swing, muscles are engaged throughout your core, so you don’t need even need to buy a lot of weights if you’re looking to become the next Mr.Universe! Furthermore, you only need to use these items for a few minutes each day to have an impact. You don’t have the time to exercise? Sure you do!

Stay fit when you’re on a date. Don’t let your love life come between you and your fitness needs. You could incorporate them, doing something that will both bring you closer to your loved one and give you a good workout. So, you might join a dance class, take up a sport together, and in the vein of cheap date ideas, take a walk or a cycle ride around the park. And hey, a little bit of action in the bedroom is also a good way to boost your fitness, as you can see with the sex positions described here. You don’t have the time to exercise? Sure you do!

There is always time to exercise, no matter where you are, so never assume you don’t have the time. If you want to lose those calories, build those muscles, or improve your overall fitness level, you need to find the time, look for opportunities, and work them into your life. It’s the sensible thing to do, so cut out the excuses, and work out a plan.