Puzzle It Out For A Healthier Brain

You’ve been great at keeping up with all your New Year’s Resolutions, hitting the gym, eating a little more healthy and drinking lots more water but how is the rest of you feeling?

Are you feeling the effects of too many late nights? Feeling the pressure and stress of a busy job and demanding home life? It’s perfectly natural to feel pulled in all directions a lot of the time, our hectic lives are forever demanding we make tough choices about priorities and our workloads and it can be hard to manage everything.

This can of course mean it has a knock-on effect on our overall health and while our bodies might be in great condition, sometimes our mental health and capacity to think clearly and rationally can come under fire.

In this blog we take a short look at how we can get our brains into tip-top condition and keep them firing on all cylinders, even when the stresses of life threaten to pull us under.

If you feel like you’re operating in something of a mental fog, the first thing to do is check that physically you are completely well. Illness or injury can draw your attention elsewhere so getting a full check-up might be well overdue in any case.

Then you need to take a while to step back from whatever circumstances you are in and find some quiet time for thinking and reflection.

You might find that some mindfulness practices will help you focus your mind on whatever it is that you need to think about, or simply provide you with an environment that’s calm enough to give you space for a little self-reflection.

If you’re feeling that your brain is a little sluggish then consider trying out some brain testing activities. You’ll find plenty online to get you puzzling or you could pick up a crossword or number puzzle in your local newspaper. Challenging your mental abilities regularly will help keep you sharp and improve your problem solving capabilities.

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Image from Pexels

These challenges are important whether you’re young or older, starting now to challenge and stimulate the brain is important at any age and goes a long way to improving and maintaining the brain’s function as we age.

If you really want to test yourself try and learn something new every day and perhaps even more of a challenge, remember what you’ve learnt. The most obvious way of course, is learning a foreign language, particularly one that is unfamiliar to you.

The knock on effects of learning a language are impressive, as well as being able to speak to different people, your brain uses an incredible amount of its functions in picking up new dialects. Engaging your listening, processing and speaking functions, it’s a great work out.

Keep the basics of your healthy lifestyle, sleep well, exercise regularly and eat foods for brain power and that nourish your body. Pay as much attention to your brain’s health as you do your body and you’ll be sharp and focused well into older age.