Balancing Visuals And Practicality When It Comes To Your Style (And Lifestyle)

If we’re being honest then most of us are a little bit vain. And that’s fine. It’s good to appreciate the way you look in a nice outfit or feel proud that your new diet has started to show some positive effects. Of course, it’s important not to let vanity cloud your judgement. When it comes to your appearance, you should always focus on your health first. You shouldn’t shape your lifestyle around the objective of simply looking good. You should shape your lifestyle around healthy living and let a good appearance follow as a result. And, with regards to fashion and style, there are plenty of ways to balance a nice aesthetic with a practical and ethical approach. Balancing visuals and practicality when it comes to your style (and lifestyle) should be made easier by the advice given in this post.

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Follow a healthier diet.

Eating well is an important way to both look and feel good. If you want to balance visuals and practicality when it comes to your lifestyle then achieving a healthier diet should be your main objective. For starters, as suggested at, make it your goal to eat five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day. A small change to your diet such as this could make a massive change to your health. Your wellbeing depends on your daily nutritional intake. So many people focus on how much they eat rather than what they eat. Counting calories isn’t the most important part of eating well. Obviously, maintaining balanced and moderate portions is an important way to stay healthy, but a plate containing 500 calories of vegetables is better for you than a plate containing 500 calories of chocolate. If you want to take care of yourself then focus on getting the right amount of protein, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients on a daily basis. That’s how you’ll start to follow a healthier diet.

Let your fashion sense reflect your personality.

When it comes to fashion, a lot of people struggle to balance visuals and practicality. It feels as if you have to choose between style and comfort. However, that isn’t the case. Yes, those incredibly skinny jeans are a bad option if you can barely put them on (let alone walk in them). But you just need to find a better middle ground. Slim-fitting jeans achieve the same purpose of being flattering to your natural physique without restricting your blood circulation. And during the winter months, covering up doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking stylish. Get yourself a stylish trench coat as a fashion statement and a practical way to keep your entire body warm.

In terms of trends, you should aim to cultivate your own style. This is a practical as well as a visual technique. After all, if you simply buy outfits that are currently “in” then you’ll end up having to refresh your wardrobe next year. Fast fashion is an unethical way to buy clothing, and it’s a waste of money. Instead, you should be opting for the timeless look. For instance, you might want to opt for the sophisticated grunge look, as we’ve suggested before. It’s a nostalgic throwback to the 90s without running the risk of looking dated because it has a slightly upgraded touch. That’s the key to developing your own style. Mix and match different pieces of clothing. Wear a baggy T-shirt with well-fitted jeans. Just find the right balance of comfort and style.

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Improve the accessories in your life.

The accessories in your life could refer to many different things. It might something as understated as a streak of blonde dye in your hair or something as extravagant and expensive as a Rolex watch. Accessories are the little details that add something to your outfit, but they can also be practical additions to your life. A smartphone is an accessory that dominates most of our lives, for example. Obviously, you shouldn’t let your life revolve around such things; that’s why you should view accessories such as smartphones, new TVs, and other fancy luxuries as nothing more than additions to your life. If you focus on the practicality of such things then you’ll be able to maintain a sense of balance in your life. You won’t overload your outfit or your daily routine with unnecessary additions. If that streak of dye in your hair represents something about your personality then it’s important.

Of course, a smartphone isn’t the only modern-day necessity that can become a luxurious accessory to your life. You might want to put careful thought and consideration into choosing your next car. After all, a vehicle can be more than a mode of transport to get you from point A to point B. It can be another important piece of you as a person. You might want to check out some of the stylish and sleek models available at A luxurious car can be an aesthetic statement piece, but it’s also a practical addition to your life. We all need vehicles to get around. Balancing visuals and practicality when it comes to your accessories is all about asking yourself whether something adds value to your life. If you’re buying a luxury for the sake of buying a luxury then it’s probably not an accessory that you actually need.

Get your “beauty sleep”.

Acne, skin blemishes, bags under the eyes, and other skin problems might make you self-conscious about your appearance. This is especially the case for men and women when they hit their twenties and those problems still don’t go away. You might have tried vigorous skincare routines involving all manner of cosmetic products that did nothing to help, but the most simple solution is to get more sleep. You probably know that this is the solution for getting rid of bags under your eyes, but you might not have known that it can improve the overall quality of your skin. Sleeping well improves your mental wellbeing, so it’ll reduce stress and, as a result, any acne or skin blemishes that are stubbornly sticking around.

As for your waistline, sleeping well keeps your metabolism working properly, so it’ll be hugely beneficial in terms of ensuring weight loss (as long as you eat well and exercise). Just go to bed earlier tonight and you’ll see the difference, as suggested at A good sleeping pattern is the perfect example of a daily routine that’ll benefit your lifestyle both visually (by improving your appearance) and practically (by improving your health). Vanity doesn’t always have to be the sole motivational force in improving your life. Remember, if you want to improve both your style and your lifestyle then you should focus on taking care of your health as well as taking care of your appearance.