9 To 5 (And Not Any Mor​​e): Not Letting The “Daily Grind” Grind Your Health Down

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When we look at our priorities in life, do we really consider work to be one of them? The fact is, so many of us are planning our lives around our work, and not the other way around. As life becomes a multitude of targets and working overtime for little thanks, the 9 to 5 grind can easily weigh us down. It can get to the point where we feel this metaphorical weight on our shoulders. But if we aren’t to stop the grind grinding us down, how are we best able to deal with this?

Limit Your Working Day (In Mind At Least)

If we spend most of our lives at work, it’s unsurprising that our brain is unable to switch off. Outside of the working environment, we can feel that sense of dread, and before we know it, the anxiety about going to work clouds our entire lives. So instead, it’s worth taking advantage of minimizing your thoughts about work, especially when you aren’t even at work in the first place. There are ways that you can train your brain to have more focus, and while it doesn’t happen overnight, you can begin to separate work and life and enjoy the latter more.

Look After Your Mental Health

If the thought of work is making you anxious, then you need to find some ways in which to combat it, not just outside of work, but at work as well. You could make the most of a corporate wellness program, which can work holistically to calm you down, either through massages, and other relaxation methods. To look after your mental health means taking everything into account. It’s as important as your physical health, and if you can work at making the two of them work symbiotically, then you will be armed with the tools to calm down.

Learning Calming Tricks

Of course, if this is taking over your life, and you need quick ways to calm down, there are many ways in which to do this. But we all have our own specific triggers. We all have our own unique stressors, and once we pinpoint what these are, we are better equipped to deal with them. The most simple method to get you started is to breathe more. The more oxygen you have in your body, the better you will relax, and blood will flow. Not to mention the fact that when we are stressed we breathe shallowly. Shallow breathing is not conducive to a relaxed temperament!

Working Without The Daily Grind

These days, you can work from home. In fact, you can work from anywhere. While it depends on your employer, if you really want to beat the 9 to 5 grind, especially if it’s making you unwell, it’s in your best interests to find a way out. Of course, many people freelance, or they find a way out of the job. Ultimately, you know whether you have what it takes to walk out of the door. The 9 to 5 life isn’t for everyone, and if you think it’s making you unwell, it’s your prerogative to not let it grind you down anymore.